Medical Marketing Solutions

The world is getting smaller and more competitive in terms of how to get more new patients. Whole generations of people never read a newspaper, listen to the radio, use the yellow pages, watch TV ads. Moreover, rarely see traditional business advertising targeted to get more new patients!

So, how does a private medical practice reach these increasingly hard-to-reach consumers and get more new patients? They must and can be reached on the Internet.

If you and/or your staff lack the expertise or the time to really understand how to market your services on the Internet to get more new patients, then we can help.

Marketing for doctors


Rank Your Website On the First Page of Google

The number of people turning to the Internet to search for a diverse range of health-related subjects continues to grow, according to a new study. 80 percent of Internet users, or about 93 million Americans, have searched for a health-related topic online, the best way to put your name out to people in need of legal help is being on the 1st Page of Google and other major search engines.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is about applying certain techniques to help a website get found by search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. SEO is the process by which content and website organization is intentionally designed to push web pages higher in search engine rankings. The primary aim is to get your site to appear on the very first page of results in a search engine when a particular phrase is typed in. i.e.) Phoenix plastic surgeonIt has been determined that over 90% of all search traffic will not bother looking beyond the first page in their searches. If they won’t find it on the first page, they just enter in a new search query. Regardless of your high quality medical services, if you are not on the first page of Google and other search engines, your medical practice doesn’t exist online.

We will audit your website and suggest any changes to make on your website. We will also do a keyword research and suggest you the best target keyword terms. Then, we will search engine optimize your website for the first page rankings on Google and other major search engines.

Rank Your Video on the First Page of YouTube and Google


YouTube Video Marketing can help you get new patients. Using videos to attract patients is good practice for any doctor. Videos can be used can grab attention, create engagement and sell yourself as the right doctor to pick.Did you know YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world? An informative video about or related to your medical practice on YouTube can generate great press and if one goes viral, it could put your medical practices on the map.

We will upload a *video on, which will have your phone number on the title and a link directing to your website. We will search engine optimize the video for the first page rankings on YouTube, Google and other major search engines.

Online Press Release Marketing

Your online reputation is very important to understand how you will be able to get more new patients. Writing compelling press releases and distributing them across the internet is a great way to get positive content out there.

You can boost your company’s visibility. This is especially important for private medical practices, but even large medical centers and hospitals need to fight for client mindshare. By sticking to a long-term press release distribution strategy, you let clients know who you are, what you do, and why they need you.

Press releases can establish you as an industry expert. Why is it important to be seen as an expert? First, expertise helps you gain the trust of your clients. Once they trust you, they’re likelier to buy from you. But being an expert is also good for media relations. Whenever the media needs someone to comment on a story related to your industry, you want to be the one they call on.

We will write a professional press release which will be informative, grab the readers’ attention and explain in concise lines about your medical service. We will then distribute your news to tons of other news media, blogs, social networks and Google News.